Elite Development was born off the back of a phrase I have used in my personal life, ever since the beginning fo my time seeing a counsellor.

‘Elite Mentality’.

Now, that phrase can be perceived differently depending on who you are. Some agree, some laugh or some look down on it. But, here is my interpretation of ‘Elite Mentality’…

‘Elite Mentality’ to me, is the idea of no matter what you throw yourself at, you have the mentality to be as good as you can possibly be at that thing. I started counselling just after my ACL Injury, so my perception of the phrase was built off of me being able to come back to football, better than ever before and remain injury free. I did exactly that. Record time, 9 months. Ever since, it’s been the reason I do everything I do to this day. Every time I go into a new phase of training, or every time I try something new such as boxing this year into next… I adopt that elite mentality. I look for that extra 1/2% that my body is physically willing to give out in order to keep on achieving.

This mentality, is where Elite Development was born…

Now, I’ll be honest and say my coaching, my PT service and my business isn’t for everyone. But… those who it is for… I am hands down their best solution to their goals.

There is a reason the tagline for my business is ‘Potential is Limitless’. If you achieve a goal, give me one good reason why you should stop there? Give me one good reason as to why your journey should come to a halt simply because you have achieved 1 thing… that’s the purpose of my coaching. I take people on board, coach them sustainable habits, new methods of training and ways which allow them to enjoy the finer things in life, enjoy the process they’re on and ultimately, live a healthier and balanced lifestyle.. all whilst understanding there is much more to their true potential than they could have ever imagined.

This process ignites a fire inside my heart because I am passionate about seeing people succeed and get to places they could have never even pictured before…

I have been there. I’ve been in a place where I was bullied and criticised for how I looked and how I acted. For 22 years, even to this day, I have been told I won’t achieve, I won’t succeed and that my mindset isn’t good enough for what I want to do… funny how the world works when you end up proving everyone wrong.

I know my mindset towards coaching is different.. but that is exactly how I aspire to be. I don’t deal in cookie cutter bullshit. I deal in getting people the best possible results, boosting their confidence and growing discipline inside them that ignites that same fire I get every time I step in a gym, every time I kick a football or every time a client tells me how well they’re doing as a result of something Elite Development has helped them achieve.

I’ve been told by some I am over-confident, that I am arrogant and that I am not a good coach. But as I have said before, will say again and will continue to say until the end of time, my results speak for itself. Again… my coaching isn’t for everyone. Not everyone appreciates my mindset to coaching because I’ll be honest, they are not willing to accept a coach who is honest with them in every aspect of their life. But those who open themselves up to that honesty.. to that level of accountability.. and buy into my coaching, and buy into my ‘elite mentality’… they’re the ones who will get results or they’re the ones currently getting the results.

Face the facts… Elite Development is here to stay. It’s here to take over, and it is here to help people achieve.